25th, 2023

Simple Word Set

This is a list of symbols which make up one syllable words. This set can be considered the simple character set, of which I have no name for yet. I'm still working on the details on this new section so it may change in many ways.

All you do is use an English letter with one of these symbols to make the simple word. With these hundred or so symbols you can form, at this point, over 1200 words. With these words you do not need to add the English seperator symbol (the dot).

Some of these symbols are used based on their translation letters while others are used based on their dictionary word.

Here is how you would make the word tour, for example:

Here is strand:

Here is the Neoglyphi version of the English alphabet but with some extra characters added. These can be used in forming simple words, such as strand.

Simple Character Set

The Simple Character Set is comprised of symbols that either already exist or are actual words.

ab ad aid ail air ale an and ape ard
art ash at ax eat end ice id ill inch
ine ing ire ite ive old ob op ope ore
ose ought our out owl own ox un y




Updating code and the look of the site.


Finally fixed some code in the translator.


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